More Local Cheese Please!

3of3-Gladstone-Dairy Goats at Sunnyfield Farm

We have launched a crowd-funding campaign to grow our dairy!  Getting a dairy up and running (and growing) is no small task. We are asking for help because we can’t do it with out you.

It is because of the support we feel from our community that we are taking this next step.

Click here for Sunnyfield’s Barn Raiser to view our video and campaign details. Please forward and help us spread the word.

We will finish the aging room and make necessary upgrades to the dairy as we get ready for our second year, working hard to meet the demand as it grows.

Thank you for all your cheese purchasing and milk drinking, and being a part of this community-raised goat dairy.

We are so grateful to have this opportunity to focus on our passions of raising goats and making cheese so YOU can enjoy farmstead cheese local to our beloved San Juan Islands.


Elizabeth and Andre


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